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What is the meaning of disquieting in Hindi?

Meaning of disquieting in Hindi is : बेचैन करने वाला

Definition of word disquieting

  • causing mental trouble or anguish; upsetting; making uneasy (adjective)
  • Present participle of disquiet. (verb)

Examples of word disquieting

  • What makes these strange smiles of Spitzer's so disquieting is the realization that they're glimpses of Irwin -- Spitzer's raging inner prosecutor -- taking fiendish pleasure in having chopped down another case of hubris.
  • Intensive learning, or taking on a brand new skill are often arduous experiences because they require us to give up a measure of our belonging and to exist in disquieting limbo while we master the skill or discipline in question.
  • Perhaps even more disquieting is some evidence just now being published that suggests that the holding of a good job at a good salary is correlated much more with academic credentials than with ability and performance.
  • Amid a great deal of confusion and a great deal of debate and discussion this new baby is born under certain disquieting circumstances but we will have two Provinces more.
  • Reports on state of sugar industry 'disquieting' -


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