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What is the meaning of disregardful in Hindi?

Meaning of disregardful in Hindi is :

Definition of word disregardful

  • inconsiderate, thoughtless, heedless, regardless (adjective)

Examples of word disregardful

  • Eating in public during Ramadan is often seen as a disregardful and disrespectful act and might attract the anger of the public.
  • There was no democratic artist-colony that pursued fellowship disregardful of the caste of wealth.
  • The honest man was grown splenetic: disregarded by every body, he was become disregardful of himself: he hoped for a cure of his gloominess, from her cheerful vein; and seemed to think himself under obligation to one who had taken notice of him, when nobody else would.
  • We lie in the petal-strewn grass under some Judas trees beside the lake shore, as I meander among these thoughts, and each of us, disregardful of his companion, follows his own associations.
  • And who, her rank and fortune considered, could be so disregardful of his own interest, had he had no other motive to be just! —


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