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What is the meaning of distance in Hindi?

Meaning of distance in Hindi is : स्वयं को किसी से दूर करना

Definition of word distance

  • The amount of space between two points, usually geographical points, usually (but not necessarily) measured along a straight line. (noun)
  • The entire amount of space to the objective. (noun)
  • A considerable amount of space. (noun)
  • To move away (from) someone or something. (verb)
  • To leave at a distance; to outpace, leave behind. (verb)

Examples of word distance

  • Coulomb, a Frenchman, is the author of a system of measurements of the electric current, and he it was who discovered that the action of electricity varies, not with the distance, but, like gravity, _in the inverse ratio of the square of the distance_.
  • As the distance from the horizon to the zenith is 90°, the difference, or _complement_ of the altitude, is called the _zenith distance_, or _co-altitude_.
  • Thus in the case of any electrified body, acting on an unelectrified body at a distance, it has to be definitely understood that _the action at a distance_ is alone communicated and propagated by the dielectric or medium which exists between the two bodies.
  • He demonstrated that the invisible limbs of the psychic cannot only move objects at a distance, _but that they can feel at a distance_.
  • I guess your mother sized it up about right when I said all I asked was to worship you at a distance, and she said she guessed you would look out for the _distance.


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