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What is the meaning of distant in Hindi?

Meaning of distant in Hindi is : सुदूरवर्ती

Definition of word distant

  • far off (physically, logically or mentally) (adjective)
  • emotionally unresponsive or unwilling to express genuine feelings (adjective)

Examples of word distant

    • To one who charges me with being a distant relative of the chimpanzee, I give the reply of Henry Ward Beecher: 'I don't care how _far distant_.'"
    • "I hate the phrase distant third," Mr. Fager said.
    • Real reporters. not “techno sycophants” whose first job was at MacWeek, PCWeek or InfoWorld manage to remain distant from the subject of their stories.
    • He paused for a minute, his expression distant and thoughtful.
    • "We're captives to the tyranny of what I call the distant depth, and there is no human access to the site of the spill," said Coast Guard Adm. Thad W. Allen, the coordinating commander of a response that includes nearly 8,500 personnel and 260 vessels.


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