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What is the meaning of distasteful in Hindi?

Meaning of distasteful in Hindi is : बेस्वाद

Definition of word distasteful

  • Having a bad or foul taste (adjective)

Examples of word distasteful

  • While you may regard the suggestion of “irregularities” “distasteful”, it is the irregularities themselves that you should find distasteful.
  • The cooler heads counsel to look at the big picture, focus our anger on the larger swindle or understand that we have to put up with certain distasteful practices if we're going to get this mess cleaned up.
  • It is precisely the libs paranoia and hate that distinguishes them from him & makes certain distasteful possibilities eligible for consideration.
  • As for your question: your desire to punish people for engaging in behaviour you find distasteful is just as obnoxious as when anyone else does it.
  • Cooking food, though distasteful, is a Human fashion, and therefore irrelevant.