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What is the meaning of distortion in Hindi?

Meaning of distortion in Hindi is : विरूपण

Definition of word distortion

  • An act of distorting. (noun)
  • A result of distorting. (noun)
  • A misrepresentation of the truth. (noun)
  • Noise or other artifacts caused in the electronic reproduction of sound or music. (noun)
  • An effect used in music, most commonly on guitars in rock or metal. (noun)
  • an aberration that causes magnification to change over the field of view. (noun)

Examples of word distortion

  • I use the term distortion in relation to my personal observations, for I resided in the Canal Zone from 1967-1970.
  • The second long-term distortion is similar to the first.
  • Mkapa blamed the media for what he described as distortion of facts, saying: "It is discouraging to see that the media and the international community are bent on distorting the whole issue."
  • Parliament the two were expelled for professional misconduct and what he called distortion of events in Zimbabwe and "propagating falsehoods" in their reporting to media organizations abroad.
  • Assad told ABC that he doesn't "own" the country's security forces, dismissed the UN's estimate of the number killed, and asked for the organization to send "concrete evidence" to support allegations that Syria has committed war crimes, which he called a "distortion of reality."


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