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What is the meaning of distress in Hindi?

Meaning of distress in Hindi is : स‌ंकट

Definition of word distress

  • discomfort. (noun)
  • Serious danger. (noun)
  • A seizing of property without legal process to force payment of a debt. (noun)
  • To cause strain or anxiety to someone. (verb)
  • To retain someone’s property against the payment of a debt; to distrain. (verb)
  • To treat an object, such as an antique, to give it an appearance of age. (verb)

Examples of word distress

  • But had he put the thing thus plainly, the fact itself would have been doubted; that _the sight of our friends in distress raises in us greater fear for ourselves than the sight of others in distress_.
  • If someone gets in distress from the heat they can ask that the flap be opened for them to leave but the round is then started over from the beginning.
  • Carl: Nations have been in distress from the days of Julius Caesar.
  • "To gie a hand in distress is guid i 'the sight of God."
  • My immediate inclination would be to investigate more closely the reason for their screaming --- after all they may have been in distress from a source that was not easily apparent.


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