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What is the meaning of disturbance in Hindi?

Meaning of disturbance in Hindi is : हंगामा

Definition of word disturbance

  • The act of disturbing, being disturbed (noun)
  • Something that disturbs (noun)
  • An interruption of that which is normal or regular. (noun)
  • A serious mental imbalance or illness. (noun)

Examples of word disturbance

  • A great deal of that which we call disturbance -- a great deal of the upset in what have seemed to be established institutions -- is really but the surface indication of something approaching a regeneration.
  • This for me was a unique experience, as my ability to sleep through any kind of noisy disturbance is legendary.
  • I mean, play on the paintball fields where the disturbance is contained ... not in where hunters are.
  • If the disturbance is greater than 0.25 acres of wetlands or the bridge requires a span greater than 100 feet, an Individual Permit is required.
  • In accordance with N.J.A.C. 7: 7E et sq., up to one acre of disturbance is permitted under the various Statewide General Permits.


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