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What is the meaning of ditch in Hindi?

Meaning of ditch in Hindi is : ��ाई

Definition of word ditch

  • A trench; a long, shallow indentation, as for irrigation or drainage. (noun)
  • To discard or abandon. (verb)

Examples of word ditch

    • Your ditch is ahead of you come November and I can't wait until you fall in.
    • On the west side of the ditch is a mixture of mobile homes and permanent structures.
    • Now a ditch is a ditch, assumably muddy, and usually traversing uninteresting and monotonous landscapes.
    • In other cases a sunk wall, forming a kind of ditch, is used, which is concealed by plantations; or iron hurdles are stuck in, and the line is varied occasionally.
    • These words coming from a senior leader that drove a bus into a ditch is now wanting to give commentary on driving a bus.
    • He wiped his glasses the better to behold his beloved water, then seized a hoe and strode down the main ditch to open more laterals.
    • A five-inch stream of sparkling water splashed into the shallow main ditch of his irrigation system and flowed away across the orchard through many laterals.
    • The ditch is out of the question; in fact it's out of sight, long gone in a cactus clad ravine.