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What is the meaning of diverted in Hindi?

Meaning of diverted in Hindi is : व्यपवर्तित

Definition of word diverted

  • that has been subject to diversion (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of divert. (verb)

Examples of word diverted

    • When the law has thus created a certain amount of obstacles, and when, to overcome them, humanity has diverted a corresponding amount of labor, you are no longer allowed to call for the reform of the law; for, if you point out the _obstacle_, they show you the labor which it brings into play; and if you say this is not labor created but _diverted_, they answer you as does the _Esprit
    • Your long post of NON Iraqi related incidents once again diverted from the topic.
    • Having said that it seems too easy to distract the left with these conspiricies and allow energy to be diverted from a progressive agenda.
    • And that really makes me wonder how I'm going to eventually react to the film adaptation, because if it's been diverted from the story that this book tells, and given some glossy "teen romp" veneer that pollutes so many movies, I'm going to be sorely disappointed.
    • EU members were unusually outspoken in appearances before the U.N. Human Rights Council, saying they were worried about preparations for a global racism conference to be held next month because attention was being diverted from the real problems of racial discrimination.


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