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What is the meaning of dizziness in Hindi?

Meaning of dizziness in Hindi is : शिरोभ्रमण

Definition of word dizziness

  • The state of being dizzy; the sensation of instability. (noun)

Examples of word dizziness

  • The first few months, I had tons and tons of trouble with dizziness from the heat and general low blood pressure.
  • By this point, the dizziness is coming back and the stomach is gurgling discontent, so I needed a table from which I could flee easily in case of projectile vomiting.
  • Actually, the dizziness is a side effect of the Tricor; both the pharmacy and the Mayo Clinic warn against it.
  • They made a sort of shuddering veil, almost recalling the dizziness of a cinematograph.
  • It was nothing, after all, and the dizziness was a momentary effect caused by the effort and stooping.
  • Lucas Duda left Wednesday's game in the fourth inning with what the Mets termed "dizziness."