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What is the meaning of do in Hindi?

Meaning of do in Hindi is : हल करना

Definition of word do

  • A party, celebration, social function. (noun)
  • A hairdo. (noun)
  • A period of confusion or argument. (noun)
  • Something that can or should be done (usually in the phrase dos and don'ts). (noun)
  • A deed; an act. (noun)
  • ado; bustle; stir; to-do (noun)
  • A cheat; a swindler. (noun)
  • A syntactic marker in questions. (verb)
  • A syntactic marker in negations. (verb)
  • A syntactic marker for emphasis. (verb)
  • A syntactic marker to avoid repetition of an earlier verb. (verb)
  • To perform; to execute. (verb)
  • To cause, make (someone) (do something). (verb)
  • To suffice. (verb)
  • To be reasonable or acceptable. (verb)
  • To have (as an effect). (verb)
  • To fare; to succeed or fail. (verb)
  • To have as one's job. (verb)
  • To cook. (verb)
  • To travel in, to tour, to make a circuit of. (verb)
  • To treat in a certain way. (verb)
  • To spend (time) in jail. (verb)
  • To impersonate or depict. (verb)
  • To kill. (verb)
  • To have sex with. (See also do it) (verb)
  • To cheat or swindle. (verb)
  • To convert into a certain form; especially, to translate. (verb)
  • To finish. (verb)
  • To work as a domestic servant (with for). (verb)
  • Used to form the present progressive of verbs. (verb)
  • A syllable used in solfège to represent the first and eighth tonic of a major scale. (noun)
  • ditto (abbreviation)

Examples of word do

  • A 16 year old with a copy of Kitson could tell you what we * need* to do: what we need is someone who can actually * do* it! luke
  • If you'd like to participate but can't do that schedule, let me know what avialability you *do* have on Saturday.
  • If I was going to do this, I wanted to *do* it -- commit wholeheartedly, that was, and do whatever it took to get published.
  • I do other things in my life other than reading, certainly not reading learned tomes of nonsense .do me the courtesy please of reading what I said and not taking excerpts to quote, you are getting like my pal wilhelm.
  • Short of waving your magic wand in hopes we'll all just go away, what do you intend to * do* about it?


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