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What is the meaning of dold in Hindi?

Meaning of dold in Hindi is :

Definition of word dold

Examples of word dold

  • You can learn to email better, answer more quickly, and discard your digital dold
  • They did very well with definitions for "dold socks" -- one of my typos -- and "Thnax," another one.
  • Trots detta upprepades det med illa dold glädje i den kollegialt grabbiga atmosfären pÃ¥ arbetsplatsen och lustigkurrar envisades med att dumpa samlingar av miniatyrflaskor med handkräm som de stulit frÃ¥n konferenshotell pÃ¥ hans skrivbord.
  • I dold you vot it is, dot looks ruff for dot poor gal.
  • I vant to dold you vat it is, dot's a putty nice play.


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