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What is the meaning of dome in Hindi?

Meaning of dome in Hindi is : डोम

Definition of word dome

  • A common structural element of architecture that resembles the hollow upper half of a sphere, a cupola. (noun)
  • Anything shaped like an upset bowl, often used as a cover, e.g. a cake dome. (noun)
  • head (including the meaning 'oral sex') (noun)

Examples of word dome

  • But outside the dome is the Moon itself, desolate, rock-filled, not much to see (except the Earth, lurking beautifully in the background).
  • "Playing in a dome is a beautiful thing, no wind or field conditions or anything like that," Nedney said.
  • The floor of 'the dome is an immense elevator, seventy-five feet in diameter, which carries the observer up and down to follow the eye end of the telescope.
  • The justification lies in the religious belief of the Hindu majority that the inner dome is the birthplace of Ram.
  • The court favored the Hindu claim because according to the faith and belief of the Hindus the place under the inner dome is the birthplace of Ram.


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