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What is the meaning of dont in Hindi?

Meaning of dont in Hindi is :

Definition of word dont

  • Common misspelling of don't. (phrase)
  • Alternative form of don't. (phrase)

Examples of word dont

    • Dont run away from your responsibility again this time.. dont skip your responsibility and your fundamental right to vote..dont make excuses and than curse who comes to power in the State.
    • September 29th, 2008 3:36 pm ET here every one goes pointing and so forth 1st off i have horse cant get gas to get to town to buy feed….. two we dont have buslines here in the country cant ride a bike to town to far ………..dont call us whiners we have been asking and demading from our gov why we have no gas ……………………and yes alot of people are loosing their jobs becuase they have no way to work . so if you have gas be thankful…….. you dont sit in a line for hours to get up there and tehy are out or try to find gas to be able to go get your meds, go to the store…………
    • an de cheezez dont post mah commints frum mah werk puter…..dont no why…wishing i cud….cus i wud wonce in awhile…..anneebodee haff ideas why commints dont post frum other puter ?
    • In french the title dont use the word 'guns'. they use it for americans to help them understand the movie.. with some guns its easier for them to feel better in the cinema.
    • Date: 2010-09-23, 5:37PM PDT looking for a trailer with a title dont care the condition just needs a title.


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