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What is the meaning of downcast in Hindi?

Meaning of downcast in Hindi is : पीड़ित

Definition of word downcast

  • Looking downwards. (adjective)
  • Feeling despondent. (adjective)
  • A cast from supertype to subtype. (noun)
  • A melancholy look. (noun)
  • A ventilating shaft down which the air passes in circulating through a mine. (noun)
  • To cast or throw up; to turn upward. (verb)
  • To taunt; to reproach; to upbraid. (verb)
  • To cast from supertype to subtype. (verb)

Examples of word downcast

  • Not only am I Catholic, but I'm actually a season ticket holder of the Nationals, and I'm kind of downcast right now.
  • That song makes me think of post-climactic film cuts of a movie, maybe a love story or a sad story about traveling, and "That's" is playing and we see snippets of the daily lives of two or more characters and they're all kind of downcast and mundane-looking.
  • "We are Eeyore," she said, referring to the downcast donkey in the Winnie the Pooh stories, and then offering an imitation of him: " 'We'll never make it; we'll never get out of here; it is horrible; we're losing; it's over.'
  • In fact, if anything, I left the conversation feeling more downcast than encouraged.
  • At some point, the one who was primarily confronting me looked away, downcast, and began to curse under his breath.


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