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What is the meaning of draftsman in Hindi?

Meaning of draftsman in Hindi is : मानचित्रकार

Definition of word draftsman

  • Alternative form of draughtsman. (noun)

Examples of word draftsman

  • Uncle Amado walks to Lundeen and Hillfinger, the architectural firm where he works as a mere draftsman, which is near the domed courthouse that squats right in the middle of downtown.
  • None of the documents referred to their draftsman.
  • Hamilton Burger called a draftsman who produced plans of the Kent residence.
  • Then gaining some insight into the manner in which the deed had been drawn, he would conclude that the draftsman was a specialist who had had long practice in this particular kind of work, but who now worked almost as it might be said automatically and without consciousness, and found it difficult to depart from a habitual method of procedure.
  • Galileo the draftsman was a master of the Renaissance visual arts innovation of perspective, said art history professor Robert Williams.


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