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What is the meaning of draftsmen in Hindi?

Meaning of draftsmen in Hindi is :

Definition of word draftsmen

  • Plural form of draftsman. (noun)

Examples of word draftsmen

  • My "draftsmen" * are* the engineers and architects that sign the drawings!
  • It was the same rationale that caused NASA contractors to get rid of draftsmen, tech aids, secretaries, and janitors.
  • Yet "David, Delacroix, and Revolutionary France" also includes a wealth of dazzling works by the most celebrated draftsmen of the period.
  • Beyond any doubt, Crumb is an incredibly skilled draftsmen.
  • Wright then put down the phone and sketched furiously in the time before Kaufmann's arrival, handing off the scraps to draftsmen for whom lunch that day was out of the question.


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