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What is the meaning of dreadful in Hindi?

Meaning of dreadful in Hindi is : शोचनीय

Definition of word dreadful

  • Causing dread; bad. (adjective)
  • A shocking or sensational crime. (noun)
  • A shocking or sensational report of a crime. (noun)

Examples of word dreadful

  • It would be dreadful, _dreadful_, if Pegler began seeing ghosts, and turning hysterical.
  • "That I can't stand it, that I can't go on with it, that it is dreadful to me, -- _dreadful! _"
  • "Oh! would this long day, this dreadful, _dreadful_ waiting for -- _what_? ever come to an end?" she asked herself over and over again.
  • Death is, as one of the ancients observes, [Greek: to ton phoberon phoberotaton], _of dreadful things the most dreadful_: an evil, beyond which nothing can be threatened by sublunary power, or feared from human enmity or vengeance.
  • Cousin Helen, I've had such a dreadful, _dreadful_ time! "


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