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What is the meaning of dreamy in Hindi?

Meaning of dreamy in Hindi is : हैरान करने लायक

Definition of word dreamy

  • As in a dream; resembling a dream. (adjective)
  • sexy; handsome; attractive (adjective)
  • having a pleasant or romantic atmosphere (adjective)

Examples of word dreamy

  • Throw in a New York Times crossword puzzle and a can of mixed nuts, and that's what I call a dreamy day.
  • “Hell,” her mother says, examining the wound the way she always examines her face, with her lips parted and her forehead scrunched, her chin tilted upward and her expression dreamy, as if blurring her eyes, seducing her reflected image.
  • He blamed the fairy tales of her childhood, the influence of her school companions, the poetry and novels of later years as the chief causes of what he called her dreamy ways and romantic nonsense, and he determined that Marjory should be very differently brought up.
  • And with all the ritzy, high-profile hotels in dreamy Istanbul, his small hotel is one of the top rated -- because of him.
  • The Crees and voyageurs felt the spirit of it and mumbled in dreamy undertones, and the cook unconsciously subdued the clatter of pot and pan.


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