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What is the meaning of dress in Hindi?

Meaning of dress in Hindi is : सुसज्जित करना

Definition of word dress

  • An item of clothing (usually worn by a woman or young girl) which covers the upper part of the body as well as below the waist. (noun)
  • Apparel, clothing. (noun)
  • The system of furrows on the face of a millstone. (noun)
  • To prepare the surface of (a material; usually stone or lumber). (verb)

Examples of word dress

  • But usage inclines to the adding of the apostrophe and _s_ (_'s_) even if the singular noun does end in an _s_ sound; as, _Charles's book, Frances's dress, the mistress's dress_.
  • *checks new dress in meeror, frowns, removes furnace filter from back of dress*
  • As you no doubt know, a dress is such a common article of modern attire, generally a one-piece outer garment for women or girls, that it is difficult to imagine that the word dress has not always referred to this garment.
  • And the glove for the latin dress is for the wrong hand.
  • This is, of course, actually the original meaning of the term dress code, which has since come to mean something far less important.