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What is the meaning of driving in Hindi?

Meaning of driving in Hindi is : मूसलाधार

Definition of word driving

  • Present participle of drive. (verb)
  • That drives (a mechanism or process). (adjective)
  • : That drives forcefully; strong; forceful; violent (adjective)
  • The action of the verb to drive in any sense. (noun)
  • In particular, the action of operating a motor vehicle. (noun)

Examples of word driving

  • Quite often when I'm driving somewhere on my own, my cell phone will start vibrating with repeated texts coming in and when I finally get home (we rent a condo together) she will petulantly ask me why I did not respond to her texts and I'll simply reply with "… because I was * driving*??" and stare at her like she's on drugs.
  • C.S. Rolls, in driving from the ‘Cat and Fiddle,’ was evidently so deceived by both the gradient and the corner that he actually threw his mechanic off the car, owing to the vehicle travelling at much higher rate than was allowed for, and the gradient keeping the car running at a great speed right up to the comer.
  • Alabama to demonstrate that two light, and, as regards equipment, comparatively insignificant vessels of war would have little difficulty in driving from the ocean a flag which, three years ago, might have been seen upon every wave of every sea.
  • United in the title driving seat, admits Benitez LIVERPOOL: Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez admitted Manchester United were in the driving seat for the title after watching his side drop two crucial points at Anfield on Tuesday.
  • If they slip up, is there anyone ready to slide into the title driving seat?