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What is the meaning of dromon in Hindi?

Meaning of dromon in Hindi is :

Definition of word dromon

  • a Byzantine bireme, similar to the chelandion, but used primarily for naval combat (noun)

Examples of word dromon

  • As she was the kind of ship then called a "dromon" she might be best remembered as "the dauntless dromon."
  • Melville was in the house at the time, and on entering the room the dying boy embraced him and passed away with the words of the Apostle on his lips -- [Greek: didaskale, ton dromon mou teteleka] -- 'Master, I have finished my course.'
  • The dromon had two masts, lateen rigged, and between thirty and forty oars to a side.
  • Ships of War, "round" and "long"; trireme; penteconter; liburna; galley; dromon; galleas; junk; Viking craft; galleon; two and three-deckers; steam; submarine; destroyer; battle cruiser; dreadnought
  • The dromon was not the low galley of the later Middle Ages but a two-banked ship, probably quite as large as the Roman quinquereme, carrying a complement of about 300 men.


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