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What is the meaning of drumhead in Hindi?

Meaning of drumhead in Hindi is : ढोल पर चढा हुआ चमडा

Definition of word drumhead

  • Alternative spelling of drum head. (noun)

Examples of word drumhead

  • Preposterous as this contention seemed to Washington, he did not call a drumhead court-martial for the immediate sentence and execution of a spy caught in civilian dress.
  • A pea on a drumhead is a restful object in comparison with Watson on that ice-hill.
  • Andre got a "drumhead" trial before General Washington.
  • "drumhead" might be a tree, power pole, fencepost, or a house's siding or metalwork not appreciated by sleeping humans.
  • The pace subsides as Zeitlin becomes more ruminative; Wilson employs a weirdly eerie wooden flute that he somehow uses against the face of his drumhead and Williams bows in a decidedly ominous way.


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