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What is the meaning of dual in Hindi?

Meaning of dual in Hindi is : द्वैध

Definition of word dual

  • Characterized by having two (usually equivalent) components. (adjective)
  • Double. (adjective)
  • Pertaining to grammatical number (as in singular and plural), referring to two of something, such as a pair of shoes, in the context of the singular, plural and in some languages, trial grammatical number. Modern Arabic displays a dual number, as did Homeric Greek. (adjective)
  • Of an item that is one of a pair, the other item in the pair. (noun)
  • Of a regular polyhedron with V vertices and F faces, the regular polyhedron having F vertices and V faces. (noun)
  • dual number The grammatical number of a noun marking two of something (as in singular, dual, plural), sometimes referring to two of anything (a couple of, exactly two of), or a chirality-marked pair (as in left and right, as with gloves or shoes) or in some languages as a discourse marker, "between you and me". A few languages display trial number. (noun)
  • Of a vector in an inner product space, the linear functional corresponding to taking the inner product with that vector. The set of all duals is a vector space called the dual space. (noun)

Examples of word dual

  • Yet he wrote a good deal about empire and coined the term "dual mandate" to describe British policy.
  • For two years he barely mentioned it, but today he actually used the phrase "dual mandate" - twice!
  • UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She ` d be eligible for what we call dual jurisdiction.
  • For peer-reviewed articles, it requires deposit upon publication, before the embargo runs, supporting what I call the dual deposit/release strategy or what Stevan Harnad calls immediate deposit / optional access.
  • This psychiatrist entered into what we call a dual relationship by traveling with Anna Nicole, mingling with her friends.


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