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What is the meaning of duk in Hindi?

Meaning of duk in Hindi is :

Definition of word duk

Examples of word duk

  • Also the forseid children were brought ayene to the kyng; and the lady Spenser was accused, and here brother, that was called duk of York, of gret treson for the forseid children; and the cause was, for they seyden that the eldere chyld was trewe kyng.
  • Curious about duk, the soft Korean rice cake that traditionally is saved for special occasions, we ordered it served in a spicy red sauce, "duck boki" ($9.95) on the menu (usually called duk boki).
  • A soup known as duk mandoo guk ($13.95) had terrific rice cakes; its broth was very bland but gained brighter flavor after we cut into dumplings bursting with kimchi, ground beef and tofu.
  • By this yardstick the South Korean film made by Ki-duk Kim in 2003 - called Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring - has to be among the best films I have seen this year.
  • Min Byong-duk, who has worked at Kookmin Bank since 1981, has been nominated as the new chief executive of the unit, from which KB derives more than 90% of its income.
  • Yoon duk-young, the South Korean co-chair, has said evidence showed the corvette Cheonan was blown up by a torpedo from a North Korean midget submarine.