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What is the meaning of dulles in Hindi?

Meaning of dulles in Hindi is :

Definition of word dulles

Examples of word dulles

  • I hate it when people constantly claim to want something like metro rail to dulles and then bitch about maybe actually having to help pay for it.
  • Are they actually building the rail to dulles or is this just another method of tax and fee collection in anticipation of maybe possibly starting to think about beginning construction of the rail to dulles.
  • Landed at dulles in redskins plane and left in snyders maybach limo
  • | Reply | Permalink clearly filner is unimportant if he is flying commercial. if he had any juice, the corps would be lining up to make their exec jets available to him. on the other hand, i think that all congressfish should be forced to travel like all the rest of us. so that they can experience the nightmare that their stewardship [lack of] has created. the commercial airline industry is broken. and it is most broken during the summer months. never fly anywhere from memorial day thru labor day. in fact, it is so broken that even the little exec jets are soon going to be experiencing difficulties unless they are flying from podunk to podunk. in closing, if this congressfish actually entered a restricted area, in this era of the tsa, i am surprised that he wasn't immediately cuffed and hauled off to the little brig that is hidden within dulles.
  • Does he miss me, did he really love me, was he even attracted to me, does he think of me, does he think about the time we spent together, does he think about holding my hand, does he think about the time he reached up and held my hand in the middle of the night, does he think of the time that we were taking the bus to dulles and i stopped the driver so he could pee on the side of the road.


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