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What is the meaning of dullness in Hindi?

Meaning of dullness in Hindi is : सुस्ती/2.निरुत्साहता/3.धुंधलापन

Definition of word dullness

  • The quality of being slow to understand things. (noun)
  • The quality of being uninteresting. (noun)
  • The lack of visual brilliance. (noun)
  • bluntness. (noun)

Examples of word dullness

  • And that the dullness of death is gay, compared to thy dullness—
  • As Eliot notes, though, this dullness is actually a protection that keeps us from being overwhelmed by the power of the true nature of things.
  • Blade Runner has some substance, maybe even a lot, but it's so buried in dullness it's tough to dig it out.
  • Rather, the stylistic dullness is disagreeably coarsened and made the more decadent by being a brotherly symptom of, and in fact a technical support for, the assumption (which has only strengthened in the past 150 years) that the aim of poetry is apotheosis, an ecstatic and unmediated self-consumption in the moment of perception and feeling.
  • On the contrary, a slow imagination maketh that defect or fault of the mind which is commonly called dullness, stupidity, and sometimes by other names that signify slowness of motion, or difficulty to be moved.


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