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What is the meaning of dulls in Hindi?

Meaning of dulls in Hindi is :

Definition of word dulls

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of dull. (verb)

Examples of word dulls

  • Choice, in other words, dulls the critical faculties.
  • On the occasions in which I suspect that my presence on a ToC is because the story was the best of the non-WASPs, I just feel like I didn't deserve it, which kind of dulls the acceptance-dance a bit.
  • Bitter and base associations have become the sole food of your memory: you wander here and there, seeking rest in exile: happiness in pleasure -- I mean in heartless, sensual pleasure -- such as dulls intellect and blights feeling.
  • It is uncorked spiritual white lightning that startles and electrifies, as opposed to bottled white lightning that dulls the senses.
  • In other words, we must first quiet the constant mental chatter that dulls and distracts us, and once the mind is quieted and there is inner silence we can begin to perceive the "roar" that lies beneath.


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