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What is the meaning of dwelling in Hindi?

Meaning of dwelling in Hindi is : निवासस्थान

Definition of word dwelling

  • A habitation; a place or house in which a person lives; abode; domicile. (noun)
  • Present participle of dwell. (verb)

Examples of word dwelling

    • Joyce isn't interested in dwelling on statistics such as those.
    • Census questions include: how many people live at the address; whether the dwelling is owned or rented; a phone number; and, for each household member, a name, sex, age, date of birth, race and indication of Hispanic origin.
    • The once concrete dwelling is also now cooled by this greenery and shaded year round.
    • It covers and unifies a number of functions; garages and storeroom of bicycles, access terrace with a storm lobby, main dwelling space, living terrace and the fencing.
    • I feel exquisite pleasure in dwelling on the recollections of childhood, before misfortune had tainted my mind, and changed its bright visions of extensive usefulness into gloomy and narrow reflections upon self.


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