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What is the meaning of dynastic in Hindi?

Meaning of dynastic in Hindi is : वंशीय

Definition of word dynastic

  • Pertaining to a dynasty. (adjective)

Examples of word dynastic

  • A second, rarer, use of the trust device might be called dynastic.
  • For one thing, it appears that Schaller is using a much narrower definition of "dynastic" -- he counts only those with family members in Congress as opposed to, say, Governorships or other high political officials; clearly, if the son of a Governor is elected to the U.S.
  • Gamal Mubarak's role in running the country is already increasingly prominent -- even as many Egyptians abhor the idea of dynastic succession.
  • It is an ancestor of the English term “caliphate,” referring to a dynastic succession of rulers.
  • But there is, after all, prevalent among them a sufficiently evident logical inability to understand and appreciate the paramount need of national, that is to say dynastic, ascendancy that actuates all


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