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What is the meaning of dynastically in Hindi?

Meaning of dynastically in Hindi is :

Definition of word dynastically

  • In a dynastic (or dynastical) way. (adverb)

Examples of word dynastically

  • The assassin was Ptolemy's dynastically frustrated son by his first wife; competitive sons from multiple marriages were the curse of the Successors.
  • Frederick II was the last of a line, not just dynastically but in a broader and more important sense.
  • While filling seats vacated by Cabinet nominees and indicted politicians is a favorite of the dynastically inclined, regular elections are not immune to the phenomenon.
  • So dynastically speaking, he seems to meet princely criteria.
  • If the majors had become expert at corporate intermarriages through their joint ventures, Mattei would go them one better: Thinking dynastically in his quest for Italian access to Iranian oil, he floated the idea of marrying off an Italian princess to the Shah, who was in urgent need of a male heir.


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