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What is the meaning of dynasty in Hindi?

Meaning of dynasty in Hindi is : वंश परंपरा

Definition of word dynasty

  • A series of rulers or dynasts from one family. (noun)

Examples of word dynasty

  • The only thing right now you can call a dynasty is their coach and Duncan.
  • As nation builders, the Kim dynasty is a train wreck.
  • The dynasty is ruled by King Leodan who to all outward appearances is a strong and just king, but behind closed doors is a befuddled “mist” addict.
  • I'm just relieved that the Republican dynasty is self-destructing after 30 years .... we'll see this November if the witch is really Ding Dong Dead!
  • If that's not enough, there's a bonus wing dedicated to her likewise fallen son Rajiv — clearly the fascination with the generations of a still-present Gandhi dynasty is what all the excitement is about.


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