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What is the meaning of dysenteric in Hindi?

Meaning of dysenteric in Hindi is : पेचिश आमातिसार

Definition of word dysenteric

  • Of, relating, or pertaining to dysentery (adjective)

Examples of word dysenteric

  • At the hospital in Scutari, the ward floors seethed with rats, and dysenteric patients lay in their own filth.
  • The form of body peculiarly subject to phthisical complaints was the smooth, the whitish, that resembling the lentil; the reddish, the blue-eyed, the leucophlegmatic, and that with the scapulae having the appearance of wings: and women in like manner, with regard to the melancholic and subsanguineous, phrenitic and dysenteric affections principally attacked them.
  • About the hundredth day, disorder of the bowels, with copious and bilious evacuations, and these continued for a considerable time, and again assumed the dysenteric form with pain; but relief of all the other complaints.
  • That night the snow gave way to a cold, driving rain, and the spiritless men slept on soggy ground “littered by the feces of dysenteric prisoners” who were marching ahead of them, and they drank from ditches that had been used as latrines.
  • There is nothing concerning which the African traveller should be so particular as water; bitter with nitre, and full of organic matter, it causes all those dysenteric diseases which have made research in this part of the world a Upas tree to the discoverer.
  • These trees yield a profusion of thick red gum (not unlike the ‘sanguis draconis’) which is found serviceable in medicine, particularly in dysenteric complaints, where it has sometimes succeeded, when all other preparations have failed.
  • It was an empty building with wooden floors, and usually contained about thirty extremely ill patients naked lying on the floor, frequently in their own vomitus and dysenteric stool.