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What is the meaning of eagerness in Hindi?

Meaning of eagerness in Hindi is : लालसा

Definition of word eagerness

  • The state or quality of being eager; ardent desire. (noun)
  • Tartness; sourness (noun)

Examples of word eagerness

    • I get the impression that Darcy Burner really believes that eagerness is a substitute for depth.
    • Chook! she was crying, and the dogs whined and yelped in eagerness of desire and effort to overtake Big
    • What we call eagerness, enthusiasm, passion, refers to the intensity of an instinct, wish, desire or purpose.
    • Miss Jean heard their voices, first low and awestricken, rising in eagerness and loudness as they got further from the house.
    • Between me and the light, the better to see us, a lad had climbed on to a high ledge, close against the luxurious overhanging foliage – all lit up from the dying glow – of the precipitous rock, and, wearing only a red loin-cloth on his shining dusky skin, stretched forward in eagerness, quite unconscious of his graceful poise.


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