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What is the meaning of earache in Hindi?

Meaning of earache in Hindi is : कान पीडा़

Definition of word earache

  • A pain in the middle or inner ear. (noun)

Examples of word earache

  • The earache is back, and it sounds for all the world as if a Chinook is trying (unsuccessfully) to take off in my head.
  • This is greatly the case with earache, which is a trouble of the nerves of the ear -- not those of hearing, but the ordinary nerves supplying the part.
  • No TAR's, no prior authorization, no withoholds on payment-just cash from a willing patient-often the same patient who never seemed to have their $10 copay with them when they came c/o "earache".
  • I’ll go see her tomorrow, tell her the earache was a false alarm, not an infection after all.
  • I know he missed a day of school, but we can explain that away by saying his earache was a false alarm and that when the phone call came from Nancy’s sister, she packed him up and went.


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