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What is the meaning of easing in Hindi?

Meaning of easing in Hindi is : सुकरण

Definition of word easing

  • Present participle of ease. (verb)

Examples of word easing

  • “Hold on—I remember,” cried Holland, his expression easing at last.
  • "The term easing refers to gradual acceleration or deceleration during an animation, which helps your animations appear more realistic.
  • The dollar is likely to remain under pressure, threatened by the possibility of a new round of quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve after its policy statement last Tuesday tilted clearly in that direction.
  • A cheerful smile and extra patience can go a long way in easing stressful situations during this joyous season
  • My thought about the Fed's quantitative easing is this: Based on the books and stories I've read and the movies I've seen, pacts with the devil always turn out to be a hellish experience.


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