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What is the meaning of economy in Hindi?

Meaning of economy in Hindi is : सुव्यवस्था

Definition of word economy

  • Effective management of the resources of a community or system. (noun)
  • Collective focus of the study of money, currency and trade, and the efficient use of resources. (noun)
  • Frugal use of resources. (noun)
  • The system of production and distribution and consumption. The overall measure of a currency system; as the national economy. (noun)
  • The method of divine government of the world. (noun)
  • Management of one’s residency. (noun)
  • Cheap to run; using minimal resources; representing good value for money. (adjective)

Examples of word economy

  • The only closed economy is the world economy, and if a U.S. default drives a rethink of all investment in government debt around the world, the “closed economy” will thrive as limited capital flows to the enterprising instead of the profligate.
  • Balance sheets are your gurus. lisagreen As turnaround continues, June chip sales point to tech economy recovery cheekygeeky Between 'Liars Poker' (1989) and 'Fiasco' (1997), anyone who didn't see this derivatives bubble bursting wasn't looking very hard. #economy ptiperson "In this world, with an economy that for most families requires two working adults, students recognize ...
  • "The term economy comes from the Greek word, `home.'"
  • The decline in "economy" is especially troubling, from 3rd in 2003 to 12th this year.
  • They are addressed to a nomadic tribe whose main economy is primitive agriculture and whose wealth is sometimes counted in people as well as animals.


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