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What is the meaning of editorial in Hindi?

Meaning of editorial in Hindi is : सम्पादकीय लेख

Definition of word editorial

  • Of, or relating to an editor, editing or an editorial. (adjective)
  • Appropriate for high fashion magazines. (adjective)
  • An article in a publication giving the opinion of its editors on a given topic or current event. (noun)
  • A similar commentary on radio or television. (noun)

Examples of word editorial

  • "_editorial articles, reviews, and notes_" -- to comment on events which happen, and to influence the minds of the public as the editorial management of the paper regards to be wise.
  • The letter added that two additional papers that cast further doubt'' on the 2009 paper's findings will be published on June 2 in Science, and that Science will be publishing what it called an editorial expression of concern about the 2009 paper.
  • I seriously doubt that the editorial is a honest opinion.
  • For one thing, the starting point of the editorial is the introduction of three articles published in the current issue of The Nation which are skeptical of the two-state solution, and each of which “favorably discusses some form of binational or democratic state in all of Israel-Palestine, whose citizens would have equal rights or shared sovereignty.”
  • Bush barely won there in 2000 and if this editorial is any indication, he is not going to have an easy ride there this time around.


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