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What is the meaning of eff in Hindi?

Meaning of eff in Hindi is :

Definition of word eff

  • Fuck. (verb)

Examples of word eff

  • Where the eff is your weather map, and has it looked at weather. com?
  • Ali, but surely the story of Fomá Gordyéeff is told; his life is finished, as lives are being finished each day around us.
  • "Fomá Gordyéeff" is a big book "— not only is the breadth of Russia in it, but the expanse of life.
  • Coakely clearly took Brown WAAAY too lightly – for 3 solid weeks now, I’ve been seing Brown ads and wondering, “Where the eff is Coakley …?”
  • What the eff is my brain getting at? ancient/after
  • What the eff were the "coaches" thinking when there was most likely a ruckus going on in the back of the bus with some kids probably screaming in terror?
  • Where the eff were the televised debates on Prop 8 the past month?
  • WallyThe37FootWall: a seadog, what the eff is a seadog
  • if zipping is considered one of the main actions of this article, where the eff is the zipper?