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What is the meaning of effect in Hindi?

Meaning of effect in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word effect

  • The result or outcome of a cause. See usage notes below. (noun)
  • An illusion produced by technical means (as in "special effect") (noun)
  • An alteration in sound after it has been produced by an instrument. (noun)
  • A device for producing an alteration in sound produced by an instrument. (noun)
  • The state of being binding and enforceable, as in a rule, policy, or law. (noun)
  • A scientific phenomenon, usually named after its discoverer. (noun)
  • Belongings, usually as personal effects. (noun)
  • To make or bring about; to implement. (verb)
  • Common misspelling of affect. (verb)

Examples of word effect

  • So it is deemed better to classify in accordance with the function or effect it is known a means _must_ perform or accomplish than in accordance with the _object_ with respect to which an act or acts are directed or in accordance with some _effect_ which may or may not result.
  • An effect being _defined_ as something subsequent to its cause, obviously we can have no _effect_ upon the past.
  • The Cause of any event, then, when exactly ascertainable, has five marks: it is (quantitatively) _equal_ to the effect, and (qualitatively) _the immediate, unconditional, invariable antecedent of the effect_.
  • He must study the nature of the effect he is to produce, and of the materials upon which he is to work, and adopt, after mature deliberation, a plan to accomplish his purpose, founded upon the principles which ought always to regulate the action of mind upon mind, and adapted to produce the _intellectual effect_, which he wishes to accomplish.
  • Given an effect to be accounted for, and there being several causes which might have produced it, but of the presence of which in the particular case nothing is known; the probability that the effect was produced by any one of these causes _is as the antecedent probability of the cause, multiplied by the probability that the cause, if it existed, would have produced the given effect_.


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