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What is the meaning of effected in Hindi?

Meaning of effected in Hindi is : सिद्ध

Definition of word effected

  • Simple past tense and past participle of effect. (verb)

Examples of word effected

  • She took the new circumstances in with a single cast up of her wary eyelids; and her, and her skill in surgery and art in medicine, I praised to lull her fears, which procured me the denomination of old friend, as well as handsome gentleman: she went so far as to add, in a fit of natural warmth, nice fellow; and it is the truth, that this term effected wonders in flattering me: it seemed to reveal to me how simple it was for Harry Richmond, one whom gipsies could think a nice fellow, to be the lord of Janet's affections -- to be her husband.
  • The calling of the name effected a temporary pathway through those intangible barriers.
  • The call effected, the first operator continued to revolve the machine so that the balls of pith should diverge in the two electrometers.
  • How thoroughly the work was effected is proved by the utter change in the national character.
  • These block-houses were built by the united exertions of the settlers, who began to gather from all quarters since the "Jefferson Purchase" had been effected from the French government.


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