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What is the meaning of effects in Hindi?

Meaning of effects in Hindi is : सम्भार

Definition of word effects

  • Plural form of effect. (noun)
  • belongings (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of effect. (verb)

Examples of word effects

  • III. i.24 (64,7) [strange effects] For _effects_ read _affects_; that is,
  • In the first place, as every cause to which we can ascend is only an effect, it follows that it is the scope, that is, the aim, of philosophy to trace up the series of effects and causes until we arrive at _causes which are not in themselves effects_, "[281] -- that is, to ultimate and final causes.
  • If it's iLife my apologies, the title effects look very similar!
  • In the last few years, I've taken to using specialized panoramic cameras, including the Roundshot and a Hasselblad XPan, though I still use the tiling/Photoshop method, which for certain effects, is unbeatable.
  • While chocolate may give your mood a small boost, its short term effects emphasize why it is important to find other ways to calm and soothe yourself without sweets.


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