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What is the meaning of effeminate in Hindi?

Meaning of effeminate in Hindi is : स्त्रैण

Definition of word effeminate

  • Having behaviour or mannerisms considered unmasculine or typical of a woman or girl; feminine. (adjective)
  • To make womanly; to unman. (verb)

Examples of word effeminate

  • For instance, the King James Version uses the term effeminate which is an offensive term to describe a man whose behavior, appearance or speech is considered to be more similar to that of females.
  • It's the "unbecoming" part that leads me to associate the word effeminate with a degree of campiness that I don't believe applies to Renly and Loras.
  • The adjectives and derivatives based on woman's distinctions are alien and derogatory when applied to human affairs; "effeminate" -- too female, connotes contempt, but has no masculine analogue; whereas "emasculate" -- not enough male, is a term of reproach, and has no feminine analogue.
  • But the male assumes his influence to be normal, human, and the female influence as wholly a matter of sex; therefore, where women teach boys, the boys become "effeminate" -- a grievous fall.
  • His complexion might in itself be called effeminate, its bloom was so fresh and delicate; but there was so much of boldness and energy in the play of his countenance, the hardy outline of the lips, and the open breadth of the forehead, that "effeminate" was an epithet no one ever assigned to his aspect.


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