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What is the meaning of efficacious in Hindi?

Meaning of efficacious in Hindi is : लाभकारी

Definition of word efficacious

  • effective (adjective)

Examples of word efficacious

  • The special grace which we refer to as efficacious is sometimes called irresistible grace.
  • Those, however, which follow the last judgment, are simply and absolutely called efficacious volition and nolition, to which the effect succeeds.
  • 'efficacious' - despite the fact that the chemist sells the medicines.
  • How many songs do you know that use the word "efficacious" without missing a beat?
  • Time is not by itself "efficacious"; that is, the mere passage of time does not augment or diminish the capacities of anything and, in particular, it does not enhance or decrease an agent's powers or abilities.


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