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What is the meaning of efficient in Hindi?

Meaning of efficient in Hindi is : सफल

Definition of word efficient

  • Making good, thorough, or careful use of resources; not consuming extra. Especially, making good use of time or energy. (adjective)
  • Using a particular proportion of available energy. (adjective)

Examples of word efficient

    • If he left the "road" and became a _very_ efficient common laborer, some _ordinarily efficient_ common laborer would have to take to the "road."
    • Now, when the advocates of free-agency insist that motive is not the efficient cause of volition, and that mind is the efficient cause thereof, we suppose them to employ the expression, _efficient cause_, in one and the same sense in both branches of the proposition.
    • [37] I use the term efficient in a technical sense, as meaning all-sufficient to produce the given effect, without the intervention of any other cause.
    • That isn't to deny that a war with tens of thousands of people doesn't have a significant administrative overhead; rather, that focusing on this overhead (which laughs at the term efficient) ends up seriously degrading our ability to actually achieve victory.
    • Sure, the critique depends on misinterpreting what the word "efficient" means, as in the "efficient markets hypothesis."


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