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What is the meaning of egghead in Hindi?

Meaning of egghead in Hindi is : बहुत ही बुद्धिमान

Definition of word egghead

  • A bald person, especially a man. (noun)

Examples of word egghead

  • So did Adlai Stevenson when he ran for president against Dwight Eisenhower who called him an 'egghead' -- which is another way of saying, an intellectual with lofty ideas beyond the reach of working folk.
  • Shopping for my first pair of glasses, as I approached middle age, I chose carefully, realizing that the wrong frames turned me into smart-squared, aka egghead or librarian (not that there's anything wrong with them).
  • So, lighten up "egghead" their are allot of good folks out here who enjoy your posts, as I for one, but personal attacks such as these I'm sure don't set to well with you as well, unless your a masochist which at times has me doubting you.