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What is the meaning of eir in Hindi?

Meaning of eir in Hindi is :

Definition of word eir

  • Belonging to em, their (singular). Gender-neutral third-person singular possessive adjective, coordinate with his and her. (adjective)

Examples of word eir

  • The word eirēnē is from the Greek goddess of the same name (Pax in Roman mythology) and was a deity that was against war.
  • This is not much help to Latvia, where the word begins with "eir".
  • House Republican leaders have called swift passage of an FAA bill one of their priorities, and th eir current version doesn't appear to include any provisions likely to hold up final passage.
  • The Twilight sagas growing legion of fans will flock to th! is in th eir black-clad droves meaningful just what to expect.
  • Safety is served by meeting th eir compulsive networking halfway, allowing them to check messages, make calls and tap the cloud by voice command rather than by fumbling with a touchscreen.