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What is the meaning of elating in Hindi?

Meaning of elating in Hindi is :

Definition of word elating

  • Present participle of elate. (verb)

Examples of word elating

  • This high-school comedy, directed by Will Gluck from an elated and elating screenply by Bert V.
  • Photoshop is pretty good at enlarging without pix elating an image.
  • Mr. Sims is married to another company dancer, Linda Celeste Sims, and when the two can perform together, it's an elating and symbiotic feeling: You know the person's heartbeat.
  • "It's obviously elating and I have a feeling that as this percolates over the next six months, or so, I'll probably punch the air in May, and crack open some champagne in September when it all sinks in."
  • This blunder demoralized his own side while elating the enemy and encouraging Afghan friends and neutrals to scramble to make their accommodations while they could.


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