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What is the meaning of elderly in Hindi?

Meaning of elderly in Hindi is : वयोवृद्ध

Definition of word elderly

  • old; having lived for relatively many years (adjective)
  • an elderly person (noun)
  • older people as a whole (noun)

Examples of word elderly

  • “We prefer that the word elderly not be used at all,” reports Tom Otwell at the American Association of Retired Persons.
  • Palins suggestion of DEATH PANELS regarding her son or the elderly is as childish as 1st grade antics
  • A comment about treatment for the elderly is absolutely ridiculous.
  • When I look at the big elder care liabilities looming over most developed nations, I cannot help but think a plot to kill off the elderly is the next hot conspiracy theory.
  • I believe that the need for saving has grown tremendously over the past century, primarily because the lifespan has lengthened and more medical care for the elderly is available and desired.


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